I’m Pretty Weird, But The Universe Is Big Enough For All Of Us


I was a weird child. Once in second grade, I wore underwear to school thinking they were shorts. I remember that red pair of underwear. Rubber band drawn through waist. White numbers figuring prominently. Swag.

As an adult, I am still weird. In an adult sort of a way.

I mean, I don’t wear just underwear to work. And though I do wear a pair of pants every single day, they sometimes have a stain on them.

My shirts are often wrinkled.

There are times I feel inadequate.

But I’m creative too.

Ideas find me and I create with them. I create more ideas, things, and new understandings. I learn and apply what I learn. I apply it in new ways. I question. I push limits. I challenge the status quo and society’s rules.

Sometimes, others have a difficult time accepting my wild and crazy ideas.

But I can’t help it. I hate average, fitting in, and imitation.

I am a dreamer. Or maybe I’m delusional. Or, maybe it’s all the same.

I care.

I love life, people, and the universe.

I love helping students learn and understand the world. I love conversations, even if I’m awkward while conversing. I love helping all people.

Sometimes, I try to help when help is unneeded or unwanted. If I know it, I want to share it.

This is how I’m wired.

The cool thing is I can change my wiring. Maybe not all of it, but I can change a lot. With the right tools and the know how, I can change and become an upgraded version of myself. I know that sounds nerdy weird, but it’s true.

A little over a year ago, I decided to change. After years of dormancy, I made the decision to check back in. I realized that being alive is not enough. I wanted to truly live. Experience. Participate. Live with intention.

I did that by awakening what I always had a lot of: Imagination. I started learning and applying what I learned, solving problems I thought unsolvable, setting goals I believed impossible.

I’m doing all of that and I’m loving it.

I’m using awesome tools: books, online classes, videos, conversations, and reflection. And, a lot of processing.

I started writing. I think I’m good at it. I know I love it.

I am rewiring my brain. Changing. Participating. Learning. Sharing. Growing.

Now I want the same for my students. I want it for my 3 year old son and I want it for all kids. I want them all to believe. Be present. Truly live. Scale mountains. Crush obstacles. Change the world.

I want to give them a tool to help them rewire the parts that need it, and strengthen the connections that make them unique, special, and gifted.

We are all unique. All of us are special. None of us are put on this earth to be insignificant.

We have a purpose.

We dream. We risk. We struggle. We learn. We rise to new heights.

The Universe Is Big Enough For All Of Us.

We All Have The Power To Change The World.

This is why we’re all here.

My purpose is to create, write, and teach. I combined these skills and wrote my first book “Crush School” to change the way students learn and teachers teach. I want every student to have access to it.

We have to go for deeper learning. We have to go for lifelong skills. No more 5 minute university. We have to teach students, not subjects. We must do this, because the future is uncertain.

We’re progressing, but we’re heading into the unknown.

We must educate legions of lifelong learners ready to face anything and everything the future throws at them.

So grab a copy of “Crush School” and use it to help students learn how to learn.

With the right tools and the know how, students can learn anything, learn more effectively, and be active participants in the uncertain future. My book is such a tool. It’s not the only tool, but it contains the know how. You can pay $7.99 for it or use the code CrushSchool2016 at checkout to get it for FREE.

And, if you don’t like the book, you can trash it and leave a bad review here.

You Have The Power To Change The World. Use It Often.


PS. Ask yourself: What is my purpose? Decide to fulfill it. Then do it. I guarantee that you will love it.

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