What Are The Seven Best Ways to Help Abused Children Heal? Is Love and Nurturing Enough?

What are the best ways to help abused children heal? Love or More? I am sure this question has been asked by many professionals, teachers, foster parents and all those who feel their pain. Having been bullied for many years which is a form of abuse, I have thought about this question in regards to myself and have spent a great deal of time and money exploring the answers. So after all the therapy, workshops, reading and painful choices here is what I believe abused children need to heal.

  1. One really caring supportive individual that unconditionally loves them.
  2. Understanding that they were not the reason they were abused.
  3. Removal from environments that continue the abuse or rejection.
  4. Real basic skills that teach them how to care for themselves emotionally and give them the tools to know when to ask for help and assistance.
  5. Involve them in helping others because this encourages and increases their opportunities to feel their goodness.
  6. Support whatever natural ability they have that will lead them to their own purpose and place in the world.
  7. Play, laugh and let them see the humor in their everyday challenges.

Love is an important ingredient but let the love be active in their learning how to love themselves unconditionally.




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