You [email protected]#$% Idiot!

No cursing

With the US election 2016 in the books, we can all agree that it was an election like no other. We have seen, heard, and were dragged along on quite an experience. I live in a TV market where there was a highly contested race, so I feel I was subjected a little more. I never thought I would admit this, but I am happy to see all of the holiday commercials instead of the campaign commericals.

This election year, I was honored to work with NEWSELA and NBC news; both national organizations asked to come in my district to not only shoot commercials, but interview students and teachers about this election cycle and the challenges that it brought.

One of the continual issues that arise with students and staff was the use of language. You’ve heard the sound bytes; how does a teacher teach about that? How does a student process that? Based on the responses from both parties — very carefully.

What was nice to hear from all of the staff interviewed is that they didn’t have to review the blatantly inappropriate; everyone stuck to the issues. Students were presented (and voted on) the issues.

You can watch the NBC news segment byclicking here.

You can watch the NEWSELA segment byclicking here.

All educators should be commended for remaining impartial and presenting things in a simple, calm, noncombative way. Teachers didn’t have to use vulgarity, call people stupid idiots, or succumb to election parlor tricks.

Civility was disregarded in this past election, but was never lost in our classrooms. Good teaching will ensure it never will.

Thankfully, with the holiday season in full throttle, we can hopefully put all of the nastiness into memory.

… And onward we go!

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